Covid Guard

based on obligatory health protocols FEK 1632/ 21.04.2021

applied until 31.05.2022

It is based on the principles of HEALTH FIRST as defined by the Greek Government

It confirms through the collection of supporting documents, printed and photographic material, that the accommodation complies with the state instructions.

Upon completion of the certification process, an electronic file of the accommodation will be kept and a re-check within the season is proposed.


Some of the important advantages of the process are:

• Substantially validates the implementation of the requirements of the protocol HEALTH FIRST by setting up and maintaining a dossier of items for accommodation.

• Strengthens the trust of the customer and the partners of the company.

• Gives confidence in the operation of the accommodation in emergencies requirements of the time.

Upon completion of our process, you receive the COVID GUARD CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY from the institution


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