--- Complaints - objections---

All expressions of dissatisfaction submitted by customers to Cert1 are recorded in categories as follows:

Category A - Complaints

Covers written expressions of dissatisfaction regarding certification department activities not covered by Category B (Objections). A problem of this type can be Cert1's mishandling of the customer's items, Cert1's inadequacy of personnel, inspection and testing equipment.

Category B - Objections

Covers written expressions of dissatisfaction from Cert1 customers regarding product non-conformity undertaken by the company to be certified. Problems of this type can be, the non-issuance of a certificate, the mishandling of the objects to be certified, the insufficiency of personnel and/or equipment, issues of the client's objective judgment, etc.

Category C

Covers written expressions of dissatisfaction relating to customer service. A problem of this type can be delays in the implementation of specific certification services, unavailability of staff, behavioral problems, etc.

Dealing with Customer Complaints

.Receive a Complaint

In any case, any customer complaint or objection is recorded by the recipient, who records as much information as possible about the problem when communicating with the customer and then escalates it to the Quality Manager.

Dealing with a Complaint

The Quality Manager, in collaboration with the Technical Manager, undertakes:

The internal resolution of the matter in order to search for the causes of the problem and to take the necessary preventive and/or corrective measures.
The more general contact with the specific client on the matter that arose.
The decisions regarding the actions to be implemented and which are communicated to the body of the complaint
    objections are received, reviewed and approved by agency personnel who are not involved in the related audit activities.
Then, in each case, a response letter is drawn up to the customer, where the result of the company's actions is mentioned.

 Measuring customer satisfaction

The Quality Manager annually sends customer satisfaction measurement questionnaires to a sample of customers at least equal to 10% of the customers to whom he provides audit services. The collected data is analyzed by the Quality Manager using statistical techniques.


Customer complaints

The Quality Manager maintains for a period of at least ten (10) years a file labeled Customer Complaints and Objections

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The Quality Manager maintains for a period of at least ten (10) years a file labeled Customer Satisfaction Measurement.


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