Certification of Mobile Crane in a Wind Farm

Cert1 has successfully completed the certification audit with the required tests for Self-propelled Crane in a Wind Farm with wind turbines.

The certification process is intended to ensure that the self-propelled crane meets the necessary safety and operational specifications.

The use of self-propelled cranes in wind farms is common for the construction, maintenance and upgrading of wind towers and turbines. Self-propelled cranes play an important role in the lifting of heavy loads, such as windbreaks, wind turbines, and parts of towers. It is usually subject to strict safety requirements and construction standards, and professionals must have special training and certification to operate them. the machines.

During Cert1's inspection, the crane underwent safety and operational tests to ensure that it operates to specification and is safe to use.

It met all the requirements and the certificate of conformity was issued confirming its safety and compliance with the standards.