Certification of Tourist Accommodation

Cert1 - The Right Choice for the Success of Your Tourist Accommodation

Contact us for the Official Certification and Classification of your Tourist Accommodation!

Cert1 is certified by ESYD for the official classification and certification of Tourist Accommodations, Hotels and Rental Apartments, in star and key categories respectively.

We have chosen success and quality as our goal, having successfully completed ranking audits throughout Greece.

Continuous training and continuous monitoring of legislation is at the heart of our operation. We are next to companies that wish to be officially classified, with our Technical Director, Mr. Bougatso, our Responsible Engineer, Mr. Panteleos, and the continuous support of our offices for the proper completion of the process.

Between October - November 2023, the new ΕΣΠΑ subsidy for rented rooms - tourist accommodation will start, as recently announced by the ΕΣΠΑ "Competitiveness 2021-2027" where it subsidizes the establishment and creation of new accommodation, hotels, rooms for rent, tourist furnished houses & camping.

One of the basic requirements to avail this subsidy is the Ranking Certification.

Contact us at 216 800 8043 or at grhotels@cert1.gr so that we can inform you about the official classification process of your tourist accommodation.

In addition, with the support of the responsible engineer of our organization, Mr. Panagiotis Pantelaios, we will check the technical specifications required for the NSRF.

Choose Cert1 for the official certification and classification of your tourist accommodation and ensure your success in the competitive field of the tourism industry!