Swimming Pool Certification


The certification of swimming tanks is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation as well as the relevant standards. Cert1 is accredited by ESYD for the control and certification of swimming tanks.


Advantages of swimming pool certification for tourist accommodation:

Safety of Use: Certification ensures that the swimming pool meets the requirements for safe use by tourists and workers. 

Attract Customers: Certification upgrades the accommodation as safe and neat, which is attractive to customers. 

Lower Insurance Premiums: Certification leads in reducing insurance premiums due to increased security in the accommodation.

Technical File: A technical file is created for E/M equipment with instructions for operation, maintenance and use of the tank, offering important support to the staff. Swimming Pool 

Classification: The certification helps to classify the pool according to its use and compliance with the specifications. 

Inspection by Cert1: The inspection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and the relevant standards, ensuring the accommodation's compliance.

Swimming pool certification brings benefits such as safety, property upgrades, reduced insurance premiums and compliance with laws and standards.

for more information and clarifications call 216 800 8041 or contact by mail at info@cert1.gr