Certification of Lifting Equipment

Cert1 smpc is accredited by the National Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) for the control and certification with initial and periodic control of lifting machines - project machines, based on the "Lifting Machine Control Regulation" and the FEK 1186/B/25-08-2003,the EN and DIN 15018, 15019, 15020 standards, impose initial and periodic inspection of all equipment which execute lifting work.

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Relevant Legislation

 Inspection and Certification Procedure and Types

Lifting machines, depending on their risk, are classified into three categories, high, medium and low, and are subject to periodic type A inspection and type B re-inspection in accordance with current legislation and concerns the types of machinery:

1. Cranes operating close to the sea, such as shipyard cranes and port service cranes;

2. Cranes operating in steelworks, foundries or other facilities where dangerous materials are handled such as flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive with a lifting capacity equal to or more than two tons,

3. Crane bridges,

4. Construction tower cranes,

5. Vehicle lifts

6. Wall-mounted or mast-mounted cranes with a lifting capacity of two (2) tons or more.

7. Lifting machines for which there is a risk of the operator or another worker falling on it from a vertical height of more than three meters,

8. Construction machinery that is cranes, basket trucks, crane-excavators,

9. Cranes operating in steelworks, foundries or other facilities where hazardous materials are processed, with a lifting capacity of less than two (2) tons,

10. Non-self-propelled elevators

11. Hydraulic mechanisms with scissor platforms with a capacity of more than 200kg

12. Vehicle recovery cranes

13. Elevators for lifting cargo - sick passengers - aircraft

14. Work platforms

15. Manual lifting machines over 100kg