Certification of WaterParks

Cert1 smpc is accredited by the National Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) for the control, re-control and certification of water park facilities (waterparks)

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Certification of WaterParks
Relevant Legislation
Certification of WaterParks
Certification of WaterParks

Inspection and Certification Procedure & Types

The certification of Waterslides is carried out during the initial or periodic re-inspection of water park facilities and the inspection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation as well as the relevant standards ΕΝ1609-1 and ΕΝ1609-2.

The main control points are:

  • Document review (old Inspection Certificates and Reports mainly for the initial inspection if any) 
  • Maintenance and Operation Manuals, Risk Assessment), maintenance records 
  • Tower Inspection (access, metal construction, bolted connections, welds, platforms, panic button) 
  • Waterslide seating inspection, columns, hoops, metal support structure) 
  • Visual Inspection of Fiberglass parts Inspection of correct fit 
  • Inspection of correct installation of the structure (if Inspection of splash pool Inspection of mechanical equipment (pumps, valves, other pumping station equipment) 
  • Inspection of supplied water quantity Inspection of entrances, exits, stairs, access ramps, railings 
  • Inspection of compliance with safety distances and tolerances 
  • Inspection of mandatory markings Functional inspections (sliding tests) 
  • Inspection of operational characteristics (Lifeguards, Training, Documentation) and maintenance Issuance of Inspection 
  • Report and related Inspection certificate