Our experience in the field is reflected in the organized seminars in order to specialize and provide know-how with the benefit of the safe use of swimming pools.

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Training Courses for public Swimming pool operator

The training of swimming pool maintainers, in addition to safety in use and the protection of bathers, is particularly critical in minimizing the use of chemicals and waste in the loss of water when washing the filters. It also gives the possibility of renewing the existing equipment with the aim of more economical operation of the swimming pools.

At regular intervals, "Swimming Tanks maintainers certification" days are organized which concern private swimming tanks, swimming tanks of tourist accommodation and swimming pools, which are addressed to Swimming Tank Operation Managers, Technical Departments of Hotel Units and swimming tank maintainers.

The purpose of each program is to train and offer the methodology for professional pool maintainers regarding the proper maintenance of swimming pools and the correct use of chemicals for their own safety as well as the safety of bathers.

Training Courses for public Swimming pool operator
Training Courses for public Swimming pool operator

The day is held under the auspices of the Association of Swimming Pool Manufacturers SEEPY and the certification body CERT1.

The program includes:

  1. Theoretical training in the operating modes and types of swimming tanks 
  2. Theoretical training in the maintenance methods of swimming tanks with analysis of the chemical treatment of water 
  3. Critical control points and ways to deal with emergency problems Exams

Some of the points presented in each training day concern:

  1. Swimming pool water quality control (parameters, prices, methods) 
  2. Management – Storage of swimming pool chemicals (Correct use of chemicals) 
  3. Protection measures in the management of swimming pool chemicals Water disinfection methods (e.g. Chlorination, ozone, UV) Swimming pool control – maintenance (filters, pumps, chemical dosing, dosing pumps, etc.) 
  4. Types of swimming pool water filtration and purification (sand filters, fussing filters) ions, bag filters, etc.).
  5. Identification - Dealing with problems in the pool water (turbidity, appearance of algae, discoloration, etc.) 
  6. Risks from not applying the correct maintenance - operation rules (infections and accidents to bathers, accidents to staff, etc.).

The issued certificate includes: