Our company CERT1 is an accredited body in the certification of lifting machines and project machines, and the professional training, experience and know-how enable us to offer training programs for the practical application in the handling of lifting machines with a view to the correct operation of the machine but above all to the safety of the worker.

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Training Courses for Construction machinery operator

Our specialized programs concern the professional operator and offer the methodology for the operation of the machine in various lifting procedures, the handling of the loads, the lifting cases according to the prevailing conditions, the maintenance of the machine and the application of the rules for its safety, the safety of the load and its correct movement in the workplace.

The training programs of Cert1 were created, are evolving and aim at the methodical, organized and effective training of the staff with the aim of:

  • the training in the subject the development of the skills of the operator 
  • the resolution of questions and clarifications 
  • the complete knowledge of handling all types of project machines by type of machine


Training Courses for Construction machinery operator
Training Courses for Construction machinery operator

The dangerous points for the safety of the operator and the immediate application of the training provided from the next working day, contributes to the increase of productivity, the efficiency of the processes and the reliability of the final services for the company with a significant advantage the technical abilities of its personnel in a competitive environment.

The training program takes place in our facilities in Athens but also in the rest of Greece and includes:

  • Theoretical training and exams in theoretical training 
  • Practical training and exams in practical training

The duration of the program depends on the experience of the operators of each training group.

Realizing the conditions of the area and the workload, our organization can offer the training program flexibly to the candidate professional operators and the companies in terms of time, method and place of examination and the coordination of large groups who wish to take part in the program.


Cert1 has proceeded to expand the field of professional training according to the 17024 standard for the evaluation and accreditation of persons with the aim of creating new educational certification schemes.